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Losing Weight: Week 14 Update

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So week 14 update is here, the moment of truth finally. Did I reach to my 79 Kilograms (174.16 Pounds)?

Well the truth is that I didn’t, I seemed to find a way to sabotage me in the end of the journey and I gained 100 grams (0.22 pounds), evaluating the situation here’s what happened, I will be having my period soon which always comes along with cravings and anxiousness. I did exercise but I only missed 2 days of workout, and I am bloated (a lot) so gaining only 100 grams does not seem that bad. I am not justifying in any way my behavior, but the truth is that I used to gain up to 2 kilograms for these days, before. So I ended up weighing 80.5 Kilograms (177.47 Pounds).

I know I will be seeing the 7X entering into my life pretty soon, but I needed a bit motivation so I wanted to see how was I going since I started, this is my chart up until know, this shows me that even if I had been going down I need to make be more conscious about my decisions and not follow the easy ways out.

So here it is the chart since my goal started:

And the New Goal for this month of April will be: Reach 75 Kilograms (165.34 Pounds)

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