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Project Pan Update: 04/03/2012

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Hi everyone, here I am today to give you a new and exciting update for my project pan. As you know I have been religiously following my project these months. I am quite happy to let you know that I have not only hit pan but finished 2 other products.

The first one would be my covergilr lash perfection mascara this baby was completely out, as you can see in the picture I even swatched it in a small index card and had only residue of the product. My thouhgts about this mascara were that I really enjoyed using it, it did not hold my curls very good (It’s hard for mascaras to give me a nice curl) but it was great for layering I mean I could add several coats without this baby clumping into my eyes, making any dramatic look very nice. Would I repurshase it? I don’t know I mean for me mantaining a curl it’s important, if this could hold curls for me it would definetly be a yes. Don’t get me wrong I like the product and I would recommend it to someone who doesn’t have a problem with uncurled lashes.

The next product would be one I have been using constantly and I love. It’s my benefits porefessional sample. Ok about this product. I am a girl with very open pores in my nose so this product would really leave a nice finish on me when applying my foundation. I could clearly see the difference when I didn’t use it. Now, being realistic, I don’t think I will be paying $29.00 dollars for this product. I do think is great and lasts long time, but still it’s kind of expensive for me. So in the search for another primer who would be accomodating to my budget.

So for mascaras I have my benefit’s they are real mascara which still makes me struggle, there’s something about this formula that doesn’t make me happy, but still I have to empty this product.




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