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The Essence of Color

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Hi everyone, so today I have this nail of the day for you in which I used my new favorite colors for this summer. So I used this polish which cost me only a dollar can you believe that?

The color is from the brand essence, this brand it’s sold at ULTA and it has a complete makeup collection, but what I love about them are their nail polishes, these are small and only cost a dollar, which is good because I might never finish this bottle before it starts getting dewy. Another plus is that with one coat you might be good to go, but I applied 2 coats only to make sure it would hold on me for a couple of days. The color for this polish is called “Ultimate Pink”

And for the other color is my eternally summer color by Essie “Turquoise and Caicos” this is a wonderful color for the warmer days that are approaching.

And as always I used my sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat which dries my nails in less than 60 seconds and leave them shinny and pretty.

So I hope you enjoyed this nail of the day and I will write soon!!




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