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How to De clutter & Organize your T-Shirts


Have you ever been in the situation where you can’t find your favorite T-shirt and it’s getting kind of late for you to go somewhere? I know I have been into that situation. So the other day I was contemplating the drawer were I keep my shirts and started working in the back of my mind in how to solve that problem.

We just moved a couple of months ago to our new home, the house does not have any closets yet, so while we are saving to have our own dreamed closets I have been storing my camis and T-shirts in a plastic drawer from those you can find at Target. The thing is that with the time I started being a little disorganized and with the morning rush it started getting cluttered. Watching that thing get disorganized really bothered me, but I did not have the energy to clean it. Go Figure. So last weekend I could not resist and had to unclutter that thing once and for all.

So here are the steps I followed and I hope these get helpful for you Note: I think you can use these steps for organizing any drawer, but for me this is the most conflictive one I had around my home:

First of all isolate the drawer, box, or any other bin where you keep your camis, T-shirts, etc. It’s easier for me to have a clean up space in this case I removed the drawers and placed them over my bed. Here I could have a global overview of what I had to work with.

Get everything out, in this case I emptied the drawers and started reclassifying my shirts, here you can get as creative as you want, I kept it simple organizing by long sleeves, t-shirts, and spaghetti stripped shirts. You can also organize by colors, imagination has no limits.

Then I started folding the T-shirts and spaghetti stripped shirts and giving space for each, I stored ones in one side and the others behind. While doing this I was reviewing the clothing, for instance I had shirts that were literally translucent and needed to be thrown away, there were others that my sister borrowed so I needed to give them back.

Then in the other drawer I had my long sleeves, for this I followed the same process, fold and store, while separating items that were no longer used or belonged to my sister.

In the end my drawers fit perfectly. I must say that I was having little trouble closing them before, but now I don’t.

And ended up with 2 piles, one of returns and the other for dispose. Now the trick here is not to organize and fold, that is easy, the hard part is to keep it the same way, every time you are going to get out something of the drawer try not to make a mess. And the same goes for when you are storing clothes. This way your drawers will maintain clean always and it will save you tons of time to know what you have available which is a big plus. So I hope this post helps you get your clothing organized.



2 thoughts on “How to De clutter & Organize your T-Shirts

  1. Can u come do mine next 😉

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