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My Sample Opinion: L’oreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm

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Hey everyone, hope you are having a wonderful Friday and are relaxing at home as I am not jeje. So here I am today with this small review related to a sample I found in the Redbook magazine for this month. The product is from L’oreal and is a face cream called Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm.

So first of all, L’oreal says this product is meant to be used in your face, neck, and chest. It provides intense efficacy with a unique feel of luxury and comfort. This butter-soft balm melts on contact with your skin, providing an unsurpassed sensory experience.

Now, when first opening the package it is a golden yellow cream with a nice citrusy smell but not that overpowering. The consistency is very think and I understand why they call this a balm because of the texture.

I applied this product after I washed my face at night (It lasted me 3 applications total). When I applied it my skin indeed felt very moisturized and soft, the smell does wash out after you apply it so it’s nice if you don’t like it. I wouldn’t mind because I did like it.

On the next 3 mornings these were my results:

My skin still felt mostly moisturized not dry at all. I touched my cheeks and they felt very nice. On the other side, it did break me out in my nose area, this is because I am combination skin and as this product is very thick and moisturizing broke me out. But, my cheeks felt good so I would think that this would really work with people who have normal to dry skin. For instance, I would buy this for my mom, she is 52 years old and has dry skin, and she needs this type of moisturizers for her.

The price is $19.99 in the L’oreal website, but doing some research I saw it in Amazon for $9.99, which is not that bad for this product.

So if you were intending to buy this product I hope this review was helpful,




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