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Losing Weight: Week 15 Update

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Week 15 has gone by, I weighed myself on Saturday and I gained 200 grams (0.44 pounds) I could explained this as my period being in this week. I really felt bloated like a big balloon. I still feel a little bit, but then I started to think about how I will be accomplishing my new goal of 75 kilograms (165.34 pounds) for this month.

Well I have gotten back to making a weekly menu for my healthy meals and also I will continue with my workouts that I love each day even more. I want to get to the point were eating is not an issue for me either as exercise became a part of me after years and years of hating jeje. Plus the last time that I did the menu planning was the weeks I lost much more weight because I had all my food available and didn’t have the time to think about eating something else.

Anyways this has been my update, I feel very enthusiastic and also motivated because every time I make healthy choices I feel proud of myself. And when I don’t, I try to analyze what made me decide that way, working with those feelings and understanding them; instead of getting mad at myself for eating things that are not healthy.


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