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Real Techniques Brushes: My Opinion


Hi everyone, a couple of days ago I posted Great Makeup Brushes at Good Price well, in the post I said that I just bought them because I was looking for some great brushes to complete my collection and I didn’t want to spend big bucks on them. So after a big research and travels to my ULTA store I finally found the Samantha Chapman’s Real Techniques brushes.

Well today, I want to give my opinion on them as I have been using them consistently every single day since I bought them, and I think I am able to give you my thoughts on them today. Well first of all I bought a package that comes with 3 brushes, this kit is called “On Location, Travel Essentials” this comes with a foundation brush, multi task brush (powder, blush or bronzer) and a Doomed Shadow Brush. It also comes with a panoramic case which can carry your brushes and converts into a stand for your brushes. If you want more information about the prices go and check my previous post.

So, first of all let me talk about the Foundation Brush. This brush is a little bit stiff for me, now I’ve never applied my makeup with a brush and this seemed a little rough, it even made my arm hurt using it the first applications. But yet it made my foundation look very good. Something I noticed with the uses is that it left brush strokes in my face, so I had to go again with a sponge to blend those. What I had to do is wash it at least twice a week to avoid that. I don’t know if this is because I am using the Revlon Colorstay foundation and I think this product is kind of heavy. And something else, if you use Revlon Colorstay with a brush I think this doesn’t go away I washed this brush deeply and some of the color would simply not go away ?. But besides that I really liked the brush.

The second one would be the Multi Task Brush, you can apply powder, blush or bronzer with this tool. I love this brush, it’s so soft. I use it to apply my blush and it really gives a very nice finish. I’ve never had a brush like this, this has totally replaced my ELF blush brush (which I know use for cream blush).

The third one is my favorite from the Kit and not only because it’s purple, at first I thought that this looked like a normal brush but I was dead wrong. I am talking about the Doomed Shadow Brush, so this is a brush that basically can be used for anything, but I saw in one of Samantha Chapman’s video that she was using it for concealer. So I had to try it on, in the past I was having some trouble because when applying my concealer this would fade during the day. Well not anymore, using this brush has solved that trouble, I like it because is very soft and nice, but it blends concealer amazingly. I love this little sucker.

So this is my opinion about the Real Techniques brushes if you are in the search for non expensive, good quality brushes you can go for these, I have not tried others but have heard good things about them too.


2 thoughts on “Real Techniques Brushes: My Opinion

  1. cant wait to get these! I love the pixiwoo sisters

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