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Is it Healthy to Have Loads of Makeup?


Hi everyone, today I was catching up with the blogs I‘m currently following at WordPress and found out this blog from Beauty Sheep very interesting btw. And it made me reevaluate the makeup habits I have.

I started by asking myself: Is it healthy to have loads of makeup?, I mean I constantly see YouTube videos and I find all these girls giving reviews about makeup and beauty products, and even myself and other WordPress fellows do the same. I now that we do this because we love it and we want to share with others our opinions regarding these products. But, I also think if there is a point when people will say “enough” I just have too much makeup!!. I also understand that for others giving reviews is part of a job, but still I wonder, what you do with loads and loads of products?

And I just want to make a big disclaimer here: “I do not critique all the girls who buy makeup; I mean I DO love buying makeup myself as well, because I enjoy it”. But when I give a deeper thought into the situation, the reality is that I don’t even use half of the makeup I own. Or I didn’t in the past. I just bought, bought and bought. It got to the point where I had more than 3 mascaras, a drawer full of lipsticks and lip gloss, and A LOT of eye shadows. (Which btw looked very nice after organizing it…but that’s another post)

So my solution was only one, make my project pan and just STOP buying all the makeup that crosses in front of me, oh and also resist watching beauty shelves when I go shopping, because of the fact that I am a sucker for pretty packaging. The truth is that these past months that I’ve been under my project pan, times have been hard, but it also has been fun, because I have used many of the things I have and I hadn’t used. And also have been giving reviews about them.

All this thinking, made me get to the point of acquiring a new philosophy: “Good Less Stuff” this means that for instance I do not need 6 foundations, I only need 1 or 2 (for changing stations). I don’t need a drawer full of lipsticks I only need basic colors and maybe one for party’s. This doesn’t mean that I am converting into a high end shopper only, because GOD I LOVE DRUGSTORE MAKEUP AND I LOVE TRYING OUT NEW THINGS. But I mean, if I don’t take makeup as a profession why do I want butt loads of makeup that will probably expire before I get the chance to use it?

Anyways, I do love makeup and I love watching my beloved YouTube videos and reviews, but I think I got to the point where I will be more conscious about my shopping, plus it has helped me saving LOTS of money which might help me if I want to take a vacation somewhere this year.

So what do you think about the subject? I would really like to read your comments about it.



8 thoughts on “Is it Healthy to Have Loads of Makeup?

  1. Ehmagawd I love make up and I have LOADS of it lola (lol in cool form), but I have to agree with you. We should only buy what we will use, but it’s nice to have a variety of choices to choose from. Lay-tah, Alpha Masie

  2. I also have a lot and keep buying. I was just thinking about this the other day, when am I going to wear this?! I’m going to make an effort to use what I already have, and save myself some money.

  3. It’s perfectly healthy:) I’m as guilty as you are. I can’t stop.

  4. Oh my goodness, I constantly wrestle with myself over this. I have too much makeup, but I still buy and want more. I have definitely become a more crafty consumer (I think being a marketing student did that to me lol!) and I am much, much more reserved when I buy… But… I still buy more than I use. I could analyze this topic forever! Lol 🙂

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