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Winter Go Away, Summer Gimme Some Color!


I am tired of winter, yeah, that’s right, I always get into this phase, when winter starts I just love it, but then it gets to a point where I see everything gray and I just need color in my life. So with the beginning of spring I have been preparing for summer.

Anyways! Last week one of my co-workers was sent to Brazil, and I asked her if she could get me some Havaianas, the truth is that I wanted a pair for so long and well I did not want to order them online. So she said yes!! Yeiii…

She brought them today and they are just sooooo cute I love them and I believe these will be very used this summer; I just can’t wait to wear them & the color is just amazing and screams summer all over it.

Thanks to my friend O for these!!



8 thoughts on “Winter Go Away, Summer Gimme Some Color!

  1. They are ah-dorable! I heart that they’re from Brazil and I heart x10 the pretty pink color! I ah-gree it’s time for Spring nawt Winter. Take out your colorful clothes and soak up some sun 😉 Lay-tah, Alpha Massie ♥♥♥

  2. Tomika I was wondering if you could help an alpha out. Just awn how to start my blaw-g! How do I make different tabs on the top like you have home, list of all posts, my organizing experience, and about. All I have is Home and Ah-bout. How do I make more? btw I like your blaw-g ah-lot because it’s so informative and interesting! Comment ay-sap! Lay-tah, Alpha Massie ♥♥♥

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