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Losing Weight: Week 16 Update

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Hello everyone, I am doing this update asap as I have loads of work to do, but did not want to miss giving my losing weight update, go figure this week I gained weight again, not so fun, I feel like I am getting stuck and I don’t like that. So talking to my hubby yesterday in how to solve this and how to stop subduing to my awful cravings for junk food (which this last week seemed incontrollable) we came to an agreement.

He is currently doing his project for finishing his bachelor’s degree in enginery (yeii!) and he gets a bit troubled when it comes to writing papers, so that’s where I come up. I will be helping him to achieve his tasks on time and getting organized while working, because I am just a Nerd and love school.

Now he is great at sticking to diets and eating well; which is my weakest point, so he will be helping me with my food habits and learning to love food in a good way.

I am really excited about this, because I want eating to be like my exercise routines, I want to love them and make them part of me. I mean I do want to lose weight but in a good way. Not drop pounds and gain them the next month. I refuse to lose my pounds that way.

So yeiii for being healthy and I am happy for this challenge. I will update next week and tell you what happened with our deal.



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