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Can you fix a broken blush?


Hey everyone, so from past posts you might have noticed about my beloved Coastal Scents blush breaking. I was so sad because this blush was really my favorite one of the palette. My sister even told me “forget about it just throw the thing in the trash”. But I could not do that, so I started looking over YouTube and this is what I found.

You can fix your blush or any powder with this technique, I was unsure so I asked my makeup teacher what I could do, she recommended the same procedure so I thought: “Oh well what a hell, I might end up spilling this blush in the floor someday, I might as try to fix it”.

Now this post is about me doing all the fixing until the finishing product, I will attach pictures and tell you if it worked in the end. Right now as I am writing I am praying it works because I haven’t started the experiment yet.

So this is what you will need:

  • A small glass or container (I did not have any so I had to use a plastic cup)
  • Alcohol the most distillated the best I could only get 91% at Wal-mart
  • A small spoon
  • A small plastic bag (a zipploc would work fine)
  • A towel in case any spilling accidents happen
  • A plastic cap to press the shadow (optional)
  • The blush or powder you are fixing

Steps to Follow:

  1. Empty the blush/powder in a plastic bag and smash it (carefully of course jeje) until you get a smooth powder.

  2. Empty the powder into the glass/plastic container and add a little bit of the alcohol, for this I added 2 small caps of the same bottle. You need to mix until you get a dewy consistency. Be careful when adding the liquid, too much alcohol will make your mix impossible to get back to your palette and you will just end up doing a mess.

  3. When the powder and the alcohol are completely mixed it’s time to empty the mix into your palette again, if you have other blushes near I would recommend you to cover these first, I forgot to do it and had to clean all the mess I made afterwards.

  4. The next step would be pressing your shadow with a smooth cap, for your blush/powder to appear as brand new, but the truth was that I really struggled in this part, I was not able to make a good shape, and I was only wasting product so I just tried to make a not that bad shape with the small spoon I used for the mix.

  5. Let it dry. I left this dry 24 hours total. But you can leave it less time depending on the amount of product you have.

My opinions about this procedure:

  • I think it works I mean I thought that the color would change a lot but, I don’t think so. I still like the color.

  • It did not lose its creamy consistency. The blush by itself before breaking had a nice soft and creamy consistency and I think it did not lose that.

  • I did make a mess when doing all this process. So if you are not willing to make it, better not try it.

  • You can do this with loose powders or shadows to. I haven’t done it, but talking to my makeup teacher she said that you could do the same for these products.

  • I am happy to see that my palette is complete again; I mean it does not seem perfect, but at least I now know that I won’t be spilling blush all over my floor.




4 thoughts on “Can you fix a broken blush?

  1. This is a really great idea 🙂 I was just thinking about getting the blush back into the compact nice and flat, maybe you could try lay something like baking paper over it and press something flat over it or smooth your fingers back and forth until its relatively flat? Just an idea.

    This is a great post!

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