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Quick Tip: Disinfect your Shadows


Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and for a good start of the week I am bringing you this quick tip. So, a couple of days ago some of my friends spent an afternoon at my place and we did some facials and I applied some makeup to them; which means I used my own shadows on them. I knew that I had to disinfect them somehow but did not know how. So this Saturday I asked my makeup teacher how to clean shadows or any product you may have in a powder formula and you would normally use in other people.

She told me to empty some alcohol into a spray bottle and sprit the shadows from an 8 inch distance more less, and let them dry for a couple of minutes; also do not close the lid of the product until this time passes in order to let the alcohol get evaporated sooner.

You can also do this randomly in order for your shadows to last more, and avoid bacteria buildup, I mean the same way you wash your makeup brushes you also need to take care of your shadows, besides this is a product that you don’t end up that fast, especially if you have a palette.

So I hope this has helped you as it helped me, have a wonderful week!



2 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Disinfect your Shadows

  1. Great tip, I just cleaned my brushed this am – will do the shadows after work.

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