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Losing Weight: Week 17 Update


Last week was really intensive and hectic for me, lack of sleep + loads of work around the office + loads of work with the project hubby and I are working on = us eating junk food. Not nice. On Friday I already felt guilty and bloated. Oh and did I mention tired as hell. So what will I do to get back in track? I have already complained about why I was not able to make good choices as a good and coherent human being while being immersed in those situations. The truth is that easier for me to forget about them.

Now while I do an examination of myself right now, I am trying to figure out why I still battle with food. I am seeing that food plays a huge roll in my life. When someone gets a promotion or we are happy about something we celebrate by going out and eat. When it’s somebody’s birthday we go out and eat. When I go out shopping I go out and eat. When I join with my family we eat. When I am watching movie I want to eat, while I study I want to eat. What a hell this seems to be A LOT of eating. But the thing is that when I eat on those occasions is not healthy meals. Is always something that will include something fried, or has refined sugars in it.

Now going back while I was growing up I mean my mom used to give us healthy meals, we used to have a specified time for eating lunch at the table all of us and we would share healthy meals while catching up in everyone’s days. She randomly cooked dinner so there were days when I didn’t feel the need of eating anything at night. We never drank soda (only in special occasions) and desert was for special occasions as well. We were not allowed to eat in our rooms except if we had loads of homework or if we were sick.

We had boundaries, which is something that I struggle with now. I do what I want; I eat what I want and whenever I want. I should set boundaries in my home as well. I mean if I am going to conquer my biggest goal of the century will be by me behaving and creating new boundaries in my life and in everything that surrounds me. I think that my hectic life has made me lose the boundaries I used to have at home. So while talking to my hubby about how is he going to help me lose weight we talked about boundaries, and how we need those around the house for me to keep moving forward.

Those boundaries will include eating every single meal at our kitchen table (while we are at home of course), which is the reason why we have it there and we might as get use of it. Also, when we watch movies or study we will not be snacking. By eating while doing other activities you lose track of how much food you just ingested.

Prepare our healthy meals on Sunday’s for all week long. I started by doing this and it’s not that hard, I mean I had some tilapias in our freezer for a whole month and yesterday I prepared them with veggies and lots of lemon in our rice cook, they tasted delicious. And preparing it was only 10 minutes long (The rice cook did the entire job in 45 min).

So by taking small steps I think I will be changing things, and conquering my goal more easily. If I see the universe I get overwhelmed, but if I see only parts of it, it gets much easier, because in the end is the small things that help you conquer your goals.


2 thoughts on “Losing Weight: Week 17 Update

  1. I know just how your feel. I attended writing workshops and presentations for several days last week. It became an excuse to go out to dinner and not cook. Excuses. That is really the problem for me.

    I can relate to the boundaries during our childhood. Mom was really good about limiting what we ate, but she might sit and eat an entire Large, and I do mean Large, Hershey bar in front of us. I wonder if that is why I tend to eat out of control…just because now I have a choice…Hmm hadn’t thought about that until I started this response. Thanks for giving me some other things to think about….

    • You’re welcome I made this discovery myself just a little days ago. My choices have changed a lot since I don’t live with my parents anymore and sadly I tend to choose the easy way out, but it’s everything about commiting to take the right choices one step at a time. ^_^

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