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Dreaming on ELF

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Hi everyone, As you know I am currently at my project pan, so I cannot buy makeup, but who says I cannot dream about it, jaja. So yesterday I was wandering thru the internet and remembered about the elf site. So I entered to check it out. These are some things that found interesting…

  1. Elf studio makeup artist brush belt $15.00 USD
  2. Elf studio 85 Piece Complete The Look Palette $10.00 USD
  3. Elf studio eyebrow lifter and filler $3.00 USD
  4. Elf studio high definition under eye setting powder $3.00 USD (Currently Out of Stock)
  5. Elf professional studio angled contour brush $3.00 USD
  6. Elf angled foundation brush $3.00 USD
  7. Elf lip defining brush $1.00 USD
  8. Elf high definition powder $6.00 USD (I’ve heard this is better than the Makeup Forever HD)
  9. Elf 3 piece eye set $3.00 USD
  10. Elf essential blush and bronzer set $3.00 USD
  11. Elf makeup remover pen $3.00 USD (Currently Out of Stock)

Let me know your thoughts...

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