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John Frieda Flyaway Tamer

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Hi everyone, today I flat ironed my hair, but I ran out of my John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 day straight spray so when I arrived at the office I noticed that I had all these flyaway’s around my head and didn’t know how to tame them away luckily I had the John Frieda Touch Up Flyaway Tamer in my makeup bag. I forgot about this product for a while but today it really saved my life.

So what is this product? Well one day I was looking in the John Frieda section at my local Target and saw this, I had previously heard good things about this product so for $6.00 bucks why not give it a try. So John Frieda claims that this product will weightlessly smooth your flyaway’s and frayed ends to keep full-bodied styles perfectly polished. Ideal for on-the-go touch-ups and boosting shine.

When I saw it I thought this product will be like using clear mascara which I’ve heard some people use to tame flyaway’s too. But I never like doing that because it leaves a tacky texture in your hair. But as thinking that this product is exclusive for your hair maybe it wouldn’t.

My verdict, AWESOME product, I mean this does control my flyaway’s and it leaves my hair so smooth and shiny I like the smell of the product (as all John Frieda’s products I’ve tried), but if you don’t like it so much this vanishes in a couple of minutes after applying it. I like that the packaging is not overwhelming and you can take it in your purse or makeup bag. It’s like carrying a mascara for your hair jeje..

Overall, the product seems to last quite some time as well, so paying this amount does not sound that bad. So if you are looking for a product to fight those flyaway’s in your hair I recommend this. And if you have some alternatives besides using clear mascara which are they? I would really like to know.



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