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Get rid of Pimples

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During my adolescent years I used to have acne, not that bad, but I mean I did use to have a lot of pimples that would just now go away. I remember my mom buying me several products to eradicate the same and would not let me eat chocolates for the same reason jeje. However, nowadays I don’t have acne, but I do get some pimples that pop up when least expected, especially on those days of the month.

So the past weekend I was at my sister’s spending the night and I got his huge pimple that really made all my face hurt really badly. My sister does suffer from acne so she gave me a product from clean and clear. This product is called Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. So what you do is just add a thin layer of this product over your pimple (prior washing your face). At first glance I thought that this would over-dry my skin as many of the products of this kind would do, but I mean I was in pain so I didn’t care.

When applying it seriously the pain got away instantly it was like relief in my skin. And the next day the pimple was almost gone, I applied it two more times and the pimple disappeared. Also, the product did not over-dry my skin which is just excellent. I was so happy with this product that she gave it to me jeje.. I would really recommend this product if you are struggling with a painful pimple.



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