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Project Pan Update 05/01/12


Hi everyone, here I am today to give you a new update for my project pan. So I have just finished my Bath and Body Works Lotion in Japanese Cherry Blossom Yeiii…

I am so happy about finishing this product the truth is that I got tired of the scent and I just wanted finished jeje. On my other products, well I keep using them constantly, I am almost finished with my Revlon Lip Butter which I started hating and in the end I was loving it so much that I am still clinging on the last part of it.

I’ve been using my naked palette so much that I completely forgot about my wet n wild shadows so I am starting to use that this month, and my ELF contouring and blush palette I have been using constantly but it’s so funny that I haven’t even hit pan yet. Anyways!!

So that’s it I hope to have another finished product soon ^_^




5 thoughts on “Project Pan Update 05/01/12

  1. Well done, I dont think I would be able to doo project pan, I find it too hard to not try new things etc. You’re doing really well though! 🙂

  2. Such an inspiration! I’ve been considering trying a project pan but it is so hard lol

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