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Opportunities Come to Those Who Are Ready

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Opportunities come to those who are ready to receive them. It’s weird how life acts upon us and gives us opportunities when we are in need of them. Let me make myself clearer, these past few weeks I’ve been deeply thinking about my goals and how some of the things I want to accomplish have changed as time has passed by. A couple of weeks ago my hubby asked me seriously if I was still going for the professional organizer thing or if I was going to be more serious about makeup and beauty.

He asked this because even though I did start my professional organizer classes (all by myself), lately I still spent loads of time studying makeup and beauty stuff. He told me: What do you see yourself doing? And then it hit me…the truth is that I love organizing, but currently when I get out of work the last thing I want to think is organize, I do get physically exhausted. And I really don’t see myself organizing anymore, I mean I do like to help people to stay organized, but still I don’t see me doing that as part of a living anymore.

Now, do I see myself being a Makeup Artist? Yes I do, I know this also requires a lot of work, but in an odd way I don’t see that being a burden, I actually enjoy it big time, and studying that makes me happy, which is why I think indirectly got subscribed for the class I am taking. I enjoy learning new things and letting my friends and family know about them. But after getting to this decision, I asked what is next??

The truth is that I don’t know, but to keep learning and practicing with anyone who lets me apply makeup to them. So I need victims (I mean volunteers). I think that in the beginning most of my job will be for free, because I need to practice and knowledge in some kind of way is my payment. I also think I will need to take another class after the one I am taking ends in June. But for now I need to practice all I can. I have two sisters and my mom so they agreed to volunteer for me to start my portfolio (which is something I do think I need). But I digress…

The thing here is that on Monday I confirmed to myself “I want to become a Makeup Artist and I need opportunities to be better at it”. Now, I have noticed a pattern in here, every time that I get ready and make an affirmation of this kind, opportunities start falling in front of me. On Tuesday I was talking to a cousin I have and she is currently taking photograph classes, so she asked me if I wanted to be the Makeup Artist of a photo shoot she needs to make. Ding ding ding Opportunity #1.

Then, around 10 minutes after this conversation I received an e-mail from a friend, about this intensive makeup class that will be imparted by a salon here in our town. Opportunity #2.

And last (the same day) a friend of work asked me if I could give her a class of Smokey Eye because she wanted to learn how to do this look. Opportunity #3.

I could only be amazed and thankful for these opportunities, so I said YES!! Why? Because when an opportunity knocks your life is up to you if you want to take them and I do feel ready to take them and learn. Also, if you ask yourself why you don’t receive opportunities maybe you need to re-evaluate your goals, I noticed that when my goals are confusing I don’t get anything, but is not because is not there, but because I don’t perceive them as I should.

So yep if you make these affirmations and are ready to start, you will see opportunities floating around you!!

Has this happened to you? I would really like to know…

Also, if you are a Makeup Artist which were your first steps? I mean I still feel a bit lost and I don’t want to miss anything I should start doing jeje..

Until next time..


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