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Sephora’s here…At Last!!


Hi everyone, so this past weekend was so exciting for me; I had been waiting for this moment for a very long time. A Sephora finally opened in my town, and I just couldn’t miss the opportunity of checking it out…

Ok so we did have two Sephora’s, but they were the ones that are inside a JC Penney and even though they do carry most of the brands there were lots of times when I wanted to get something and the store didn’t have it. Also, you cannot get a beauty insider card there; you have to get your card from one of the main branches, so that was my main purpose of going.

OMG I felt like a little girl in a candy store, I went with my sister and as she is not that interested in makeup as she saw my face just told me “I’ll see you in an hour” I was sooo happy.

I could say I broke my project pan a little but, not that much, you see, I had to get some things anyways for my makeup kit and I really been reserving for this. I needed to get some things for the photo shoot I will be doing makeup on so it was not that of a cheat, right? It was the first time I bought makeup in 5 months, so I was really excited.

Anyways, here I have some pictures of the things I bought and I also received a makeup bag as a gift for joining as a beauty insider (yeii!!). At first when I saw it I thought it was small but I was wrong this baby can fit loads of makeup.

So the things that I got:

  • Benefit’s The Pretty Committee Kit (Includes Bella Bamba Blush, Eye Bright Pencil, Stay Don’t Stray, High Beam)
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Travel Size
  • Soap & Glory Hand Food in Travel Size
  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Sample

And of course I added pics,




6 thoughts on “Sephora’s here…At Last!!

  1. Your so lucky! In the UK we don’t have sephoras…..jealous much 🙂

  2. Nice haul! That Benefit kit sounds amazing! I always read good things about them. Especially High Beam! That’s a nice makeup bag too! I definitely think this was a really good use of cheating lol

  3. I’m also jealous! Lol. I wish we had local stores like that 🙂

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