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Things my mom taught me


As mother’s day approaching this weekend I wanted to write about some of the things my mom has taught me through the course of my life. Let me explain the kind of relationship I cherish with her. We are like friends, I mean now that I am older…

While growing up mom taught me several valued lessons:

  1. She taught me how to love my little sister. Ok when I was 3 years old nobody told me I was going to have a sister. One day a baby appeared in my life and I started receiving less attention (in my mind) so I didn’t like her. It took several bites, fights, bruises between my sister and I to love her. I remember my mom telling us after a fight, “Now apologize and tell your sister you love her, she will be your friend when you grow up”…Man she was right.

  2. She taught us the value of sharing. I remember I had this tape recording toy when I was little, I loved it because it came with a microphone and I used to sing all the time, when my sister wanted the microphone as well and we got into a fight for it; mom used to hide it from us, then we learned to share it.

  3. She taught me to like cleaning. While being a little girl I did express my artistic abilities by painting in our house walls. I did have to clean the mess btw.

  4. She taught us to be independent over dinner time. As soon as we had the age, we had to get the table ready for dinner and also serve ourselves. My mom was not of those moms who serve you in your plate and gave it to you. Nor the one who would get up to give you a napkin if you wanted one. I remember that once in high school I had dinner at a friend’s house. Her mom did literally everything. Next day when I asked my mom if she could serve my plate she gave me a look I’ll never forget. That thought me to prepare my food as well.

  5. She taught me how to iron my clothes. She used to iron my clothing and my uniforms for school, the only condition was for us to hang them in our closets, one day I forgot to do it and it led to me ironing my clothing for the rest of my life jaja.

  6. But she also taught me how to admire nature. I remember that we had some summers that after completing our chores and homework we used to go outside and lay in the yard. We used to play imagining what the clouds looked like and used to play all kind of games. This was kind of meditation time.

  7. She taught me to be a hard worker and never give up. In the past 3 years my mom became a certified cosmetologist and has two jobs as of today (She never worked in the past because she took care of us while growing up). She is 51 years old but she doesn’t seem like, she loves to live and doesn’t give up. I love her spirit and the way she always moves forward.

Thank you mom for all the things you have taught me; you know that these are not the only memories, but yet these are memorable. Thank you for giving me the chance of being your daughter. Love you!!



2 thoughts on “Things my mom taught me

  1. This is such a beautiful post! It’s so heart warming to see your appreciation for your Mom. Moms are truly awesome 🙂

    Thanks for writing this, I really enjoyed it.

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