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Color Club Nails

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Hi everyone, today I have this nail of the day I just did, I just came from getting a haircut and on my way home I had to get to sally beauty supplies for some mascara wands. On my way to the store I came across some Nail Polish which I kind of remember seeing somewhere but didn’t remember quite well were.

Anyways I had to get 2 colors because they were beautiful and were less than $2.00 USD each, they were mini sizes, but I mean I never ran out of polish before it gets sticky and I can no longer use it.

So these are the Color Club polishes (picture below) the purple-lavender one is in Pucci-Licious and the beautiful pink sparkled one is in Strawberry Sherbet. Very nice colors I only had to use 2 coats of the purple and 3 of the sparkled one.

I remembered I saw these at and they were $8.00 USD for the .5 Fl. Oz. (the sizes I got were .25 Fl. Oz.) but I saw the ones of the .5 Fl. Oz. at $4.00 USD. Not bad right? I am not sure if this is something they carry on all Sally’s, but if someone knows please let us know. They carry lots of colors a lot of neon’s that are totally inn for this summer and nice colors for any occasion. If you see them, and you can, get some, they are niceeeeee….

So I hope you enjoyed, write soon!



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