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Summer Hairstyle: Think Flowers

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Hi everyone, today I have this super easy and stylish hair do. On Saturday I went and got a trim on my ends, which ended in me getting a big chunk of my hair being cut….snif snif…lucky for me my hair looks so healthy, bouncy, and lightweight and I just love it and can’t get enough of it.

On Sunday I did not want to wash it because I felt so amazed of the texture I had, but I needed to look somehow polished, so I decided to do a quick braid on the side and just grab it with a small pin. It was a nice-simple hairstyle, but then I thought about going a level up with flowers…yep natural flowers. So I ran to the park we have near our house and cut some pretty pink flowers (Thank god the security guy wasn’t near).

FYI I had to make sure these lovelies did not have any bugs in them and just sprayed them with hairspray before placing them into the braid (I used bobby pins to hold them)

You can see in the pictures below how this type of accessories can help you get a very nice polished look which was effortless. For makeup I pulled a pinup twist; very neutral eyes using my NAKED palette and black liquid liner, for lips instead of doing a red lip I decided to go for pink, to be in harmony with the flowers on my head.

I think this is a very nice and easy look for the summer, I had my hair curled which gives more texture to the hairstyle but you can use it straight or you can braid all your hair and do a knot. I love this kind of styles for the summer because they are really versatile, and you can use them to go out on a date or with your friends.



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