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Happy Feet = Happy People


Hi everyone, so yesterday was pedicure day for me. The truth is that I always do mine at home (which is occasionally when I am not tired), but my feet were just starting to seem kind of beaten up and the truth was that I did wanted to see what was all the fuzz of going to a professional.

So the lady first started by soaking my feet in hot bubbly water, it was literally hot, I came from 90 degrees in the outside to more hotness, the one good thing was that the place was freezing so it felt nice. While the machine (or whatever was called) did some massage into my feet I started feeling relaxed…and lots of tickles in my feet.

I didn’t mention before but my feet are very very sensitive. My mom used to said that when I was a baby she would wait for me to fall asleep to cut my nails, and even though there I would move my feet.

Anyways, pain followed next as she cut my nails and with a pointy metallic artifact that seemed like a torture device got stuff out from the side of my nails. (ewwww I know) I thought that my nails were clean before but now I could see a total difference. At this point I noticed that the headache that I was feeling when I arrived was completely gone because pain was in my feet (yeah I’m a drama queen when it comes to my feet).Then my feet were soaked again in bubbly water which evidently reduced the pain I felt at that point.

Next, she removed all the dead skin from my cuticles which felt like little pinches, but the pain was not that much as the first one. Then she used a pedicure knife (razor thing) to get rid of all the dead skin on my heels wheeewww I had tons of that…(nasty I know) Note: My mom who is a cosmetologist told me that is illegal for cosmetologists to use this thing in the states (btw I didn’t do my pedicure in the states jaja).

This step didn’t hurt at all. Next she filed all my sole’s which produced lots of tickles. Then she exfoliated my feet with a peppermint mix…delish…and soaked my feet again in water. Next she rubbed my feet with a special wax that I’ve seen they sell at Sally’s this is especially for feet.

Then, she cleaned my nails with acetone and painted my nails, I brought my own polish my choice was Essie’s Saint Tropez. Love this color because it’s universal, and lasts longer if I get a chip with this color it doesn’t notice. The last step was adding topcoat and a spray to dry my nails.

So it was some an experience jaja.. Would I do it again? I wouldn’t deny it, my feet seem healthy and happy, but I rather take care of my feet to avoid getting them all beaten up.

I am intrigued to know, do you do your own pedicure? Or go to a professional? Let me know in the comments…

See ya!!



4 thoughts on “Happy Feet = Happy People

  1. I go to a professional. I tend to go barefoot a lot, so I rely on others to help keep my feet from looking too beat up. Plus I’ve been going to the same woman for a while, so she treats me well. The funny thing is, I bumped into her while shopping one day. She looked down at my bare feet and joked to keep it up since it gives her more business!

  2. Yes, everyone deserves a pedicure even if it’s just once per year! I love the massage chair as well and the toes/leg massage. I even got my hubby hooked and we go as a couple which is a nice treat for the both of us.

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