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Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Review


Hi all, so today I have this interesting review, the other day I saw my cousin and she had this gorgeous lip color. As I cannot hold on talking about makeup I had to ask her what she was wearing and she showed me this like jumbo pencil from Clinique (which I now know it’s called chubby stick) . For me it only meant Clinique = Kind of expensive and out of my league.

Now over the weekend wandering over Target makeup section (as I randomly go there..jaja) I found what would seem like a dupe (but I was not sure). They are from Revlon and they are called “Just Bitten Kissable”. Of course that the display was almost empty and most of the colors left were very dark for my taste.

But, I was able to get some for this review. Now, as the package came sealed we were not able to see the colors in the store, but we thought of going with our instincts and the tube color. I wasn’t wrong the colors are pretty similar to the tube, but a bit darker, so I would go one or two shades up of what you see in the package.

In the pic below you can see I got two to review:

The soft pink one is called 001 Honey and the second one is 020 Lovesick.

Things that I noticed:

Price. The Clinique retails in $16.00 on Sephora, which is kind of expensive for me for this type of product. I think I would rather spend it in a MAC lipstick, but that’s just me. Now the Revlon one retails on $7.69 on Target (doing the math for what I would spend for 1 Chubby Stick I can get 2 Revlon’s).

Smell. I smelled the Clinique not that nice, I would stay neutral. But the Revlon smells like peppermint, I tried the smell on two of these and it’s the same, so I would think it is the same for the others. And it also made my lips feel bit tingly and fresh, but the sensation wore off soon.

Durability and Color Payoff.. I don’t know about the Clinique one, but the Revlon has a very good staying power. I would say it lasts longer than a lip butter but it’s less moisturizing, yet it’s not dry and the color payoff it’s amazing. Also as you apply it during the day the color seems more vibrant. In the below picture you can see some swatches.

How to use the product. Clinique and Revlon have the same mechanic; the pencil comes with a twist cap and you just mmm twist it jajaj…it’s nice because you obviously don’t want to be carrying a sharpener.

Overall thoughts, I do think that they are very nice portable lipsticks to carry over your purse this summer; they have a rich color and Revlon seems to have a nice variety for this season. The product glides on easily and I didn’t need to reapply this constantly during the day, which for me works wonders. I would really recommend these. ^_^

So, if you have tried these already please let us know, I would love to hear what you think of them.

xoxo ^_^

4 thoughts on “Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Review

  1. I would love to try these, Im a fan of Revlon. When I read your price of the Clinique pencil I was a little sad lol! Here, you’d be lucky if you could get Revlon for less than $20. I could whine forever about how I think the prices are unfair, haha.

    Off topic though, really liked these colours, and it never actually occurred to me that they wind up lol. Very nice.

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