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Nice Inexpensive Jewelry

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Love this summer not for the weather, but for all the fashion and statement jewelry you can use. So the other day I was doing some surfing on the web and ended up looking for jewelry on eBay. The truth is that I never considered eBay for this kind of purchases before, but I was amazed of all the things I saw.

So my limit was purchasing two necklaces that I could use for the summer, for the prices I mean I could’ve gone further but my hubby contained me. Jajaja…anyways, I took some pictures for you to see what you can find:

The first one is a black and gold necklace which I found very pretty and nice. It is kind of a statement necklace but not that overwhelming. I see myself combining this piece with lots of looks and it’s fun. Only one disclaimer I would contain myself on using these on very very extreme warm weather, this is because the other day I wore it all day (and it was very hot) so the painting on the neck started chipping off a little. It doesn’t notice when I wear it, but still I will not wear it under those conditions anymore. For this necklace I only paid $2.55 USD so what did I expect right? But I mean if you want fashion jewelry that will be only for a season and to wear occasionally I mean it’s no harm, at least for me.

The next one was one I saw a girl over in YouTube talk about, she got this for $9.99 USD I saw it and I liked. I randomly looked for it in eBay and got it for $2.99, the same necklace. This is great for the spring and summer it has colored flowers, pearls and just very nice colors.

Overall nice purchases for the price I paid, these arrived after 2 weeks because they came from China but transaction went smoothly (nothing got lost) I just became aware that if you buy this kind of jewelry you need to take care of it if you want it to last for the season. So have you bought anything from eBay besides jewelry? What have been your opinions about them?

Have an excellent day!



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