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The $20.00 Challenge (TAG)


Hey everyone, so these past weeks I’ve been seeing a TAG and I thought that it would be fun to try it on. This is called the $20.00 challenge, related to makeup. So the plot goes like this, imagine that you go out of town and the airline lost your luggage (because that never happens). So you need some makeup, and you only can spend $20.00 dollars for that. What do you do??

First, I would go to the nearest drugstore/target I could find, in the last few years drugstore makeup has become very high quality and very nice to make a presentable look. I’d say that most of my favorite products are from the drugstore. Now, what I would buy.

  1. Foundation. I just cannot go out without foundation, powder it’s just to light for me so I guess this would be my splurge product in this list. Besides as Concealer would be considered out of the budget a nice cover foundation would do the trick. Elf Flawless Finish Foundation $6.00 at Target.

  2. Eye primer. Elf eye shadow base, as I will get drugstore shadows I know these will crease crazy on me so I would get this base. The great thing about this is that it’s only $1.00 at Target.

  3. Eye shadows. I would go straight to the wet n wild section they have amazing trio’s and great colors. I would buy Silent Treatment; this has a taupe, a kind of shimmery black and a soft pink for highlight. I would use the black color as liner. This is $2.99 at CVS.

  4. Mascara. For mascara I would go for the Maybelline falsies hands down I know that this is not that cheap but It just works for me $7.49

  5. Blush/Lipstick. In this case I would buy a lipstick and use it as a blush I would go with a wet n wild lipstick and pick a pink color that is available they have $0.99 cents lipsticks which are pigmented enough and give nice finish.

So this would be the total:

Nice right, I even have some change for a snack jeje..So I am interested what would you purchase? What do you think of these products?



2 thoughts on “The $20.00 Challenge (TAG)

  1. Well done, that’s impressive for under $20! 🙂

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