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Taking Care of False Lashes


Hi everyone, so today I was sad because I was planning on wearing false lashes, but my favorite pair just couldn’t hold another use. Then I remembered what my makeup teacher told us in order to reuse false lashes. Today I am showing you how to take care of them properly so you can get up to 4 uses with 1 pair.

First things first, when you use your falsies for the first time it is important to keep the package, because you will be using it again. Do not throw it away. Now let’s say that your day went smoothly and it’s now time to remove your lashes and I am talking about complete lashes.

You will need:

  • Biphasic makeup remover (It contains oil and water)
  • Makeup remover wipes
  • Kleenex
  • Cotton swabs

When you remove your lash, peel all the glue that the lash had on and place it in the side part of your index finger (this is for the lash to not lose its curl). Now with a cotton swab which has biphasic makeup remover clean the lash, you obviously will have mascara on it so this will get rid of all that. Do it gently and follow the growth of the lash.

After removing all the mascara use a makeup remover wipe to remove the excess of the biphasic remover. Then just dry your lash with a Kleenex or paper tissue. Reshape your lash and place it in its original package, this will help your lash to stay in place and will keep it curved and ready for another use.

I was a person who would think that lashes were meant to be used only one time, or if I reused them I never cleaned them. It does make a difference if you take care of them. Even if they are only a dollar they can last.

So I hope this tip has helped you all, until next time..



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