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Silent Treatment: 3 Looks One Palette


Hi everyone, so today I have these amazing 3 looks using only one trio from wet n wild. I am talking about the Silent Treatment palette. You can find this in almost any drugstore for around $3.00 USD. One could think that you can only create one look, but these palettes are very versatile. You can create with this a look from day to night which is what I tried to do here.

For these looks I used:

  • Wet n wild trio in Silent Treatment
  • Maybelline Color Tatto in Tough as Taupe
  • Urban Decay Sin Shadow (For the inner corners)

Look 1. Day Office/School

For this first look I added the color tattoo all over my lid, I did this to have a primer and something to have my shadows stick to. Next I just added the taupe color over my lid and blended it. With a pencil brush I just dragged the taupe shadow over my lower lash line to create continuity. After this I highlighted with the pink color of the trio and last I used Sin shadow in my inner corners.I would use this look for the office, or to go out and run errands I like this look because it’s simple and fast.

Look 2. Lunch/Day Out

For this second look I used the first look as a base and I only added the darker shade in the outer corner as in a V shape. This helped to make the look a bit more intense but not that overwhelming. I love this look because it does give you a Smokey eye, you can also add some liquid liner, but I just left it like that. This look can be used if you want a more dramatic look but still you can play under the safe side because it is not that dark.

Look 3. Night Out

Now, let’s say that you did one of the above looks for the day, and you are going out that night with your friends or on a date. Well the only thing you would need to do is pad the darker shade of the trio all over your lid. You can add liquid liner as well to make it more dramatic, and you can also add falsies. The only thing I did was I did use a pencil brush to drag the dark color in my lower lash line, and I used some black eyeliner in my lower lash line. I also added several coats of mascara.

Love this palette and I hope it gave you ideas to create new looks.



2 thoughts on “Silent Treatment: 3 Looks One Palette

  1. Very, very pretty! I have this trio and this makes me want to play in it lol

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