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DIY: Customized Lipsticks Palette


Hi everyone, so today I have this DIY prepared for you. This is something I learned in my makeup class and I think it’s nice if you started working as freelance makeup artist or you are going on a trip and need to transport different lipstick colors. This project will help you carry all your lipsticks but in a more convenient way, also you can see the colors easily.
This is what you will need:

  • Small case with dividers (I used a box that had tips for French manicure)
  • Lipsticks of your choice
  • A Candle
  • Matches
  • An x-acto knife or a slim knife
  • A metal spoon that was a wooden or plastic handle
  • Napkins or Makeup Remover Wipes

Steps to follow:

  1. Light the candle; you will be using this to melt the lipsticks.

  2. With the x-acto knife cut the ending part of your lipstick. The trick here is, if you want to use your entire lipstick for this process cut it in 3 to 4 parts and melt it in those parts. The thing here is that when you start melting the lipstick, this will expand and if the parts you are melting are too big you will have spill all over and you can cause an accident. Now if you don’t want to use all your lipstick you can use only one part of it by cutting with the x-acto knife a piece from the downside of your lipstick, warm for a few seconds the base of the stick and paste your remaining lipstick in the tube. If you want to make sure it got glued, place the lipstick in your fridge in order for this to adhere nicely to its base again.

  1. Place the part you are melting into the metal spoon and place it above the burning candle, the heat of this will start the melting process. I suggested you to use a spoon with a wood or plastic handle this is because the spoon will be hot and you don’t want to burn yourself. When the lipstick is melted you only have to empty the mix into your clear box. I repeated this step for around 3 to 4 times per lipstick. I did use complete lipsticks for my palette.

  1. Make sure that your plastic palette is placed in a straight surface this is because the lipsticks will dry almost instantly and you don’t want them to be crooked.

  2. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each color, cleaning the spoon between lipsticks. Be extremely careful when cleaning the spoon because this will be hot.

  3. Lay your palette and wait for it to dry, you can also place it in the fridge.

And voilà your own lipsticks palette is ready for you to use. Hope this DIY was helpful for you, until next time.



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