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My First Photo-Shoot as a MUA

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Hey everyone, so a couple of weeks ago, I went to my first photo-shoot as a Makeup Artist. This was because my cousin is studying photography and for her last project she had to do a photo-shoot, she was kind enough to ask me if I wanted to be her makeup artist. Of course I agreed.

I never applied makeup to someone I didn’t know, so it was a very fun and very exciting experience. I won’t deny I was nervous, but as I was working with the model I felt better. I must say I learned a lot, applying makeup to someone else is completely different, and if they are getting pictures taken you need to be more dramatic while applying color.

We had a blast, and I must say it got me more excited about pursuing this path. And of course practice all I can and learn more and more.

Here I leave you a gallery of some of the pictures my cousin sent me at the end. Hope you enjoy.

See you guys next time,




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