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My Weekend in Pictures

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Hi everyone, so this past Sunday was very exciting because it was my birthday yeiiii…I had a blast and I am still celebrating can you believe it? I took my birthday week very seriously this time. It was like a food fest.

Anyways, it all started over on Friday, after work a couple of my friends came over to my house and we had dinner and they got me a delicious cake. At first we thought about cancelling because all of the sudden the weather became awful, some trees and spectaculars even fell off because of the strong winds. Thank god everything calmed down soon enough for us to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Then on Saturday morning my hubby took me to Denny’s we just love their pancakes, breakfast was delicious and very very filling (Of course I was insane enough to order eggs, bacon, and pancakes). After that we just had to hit the mall because we needed a long walk.

For lunch I went out with my makeup class friends, I completely forgot to take pictures, but, I do have an outfit of the lunch jajaja…I kept it simple, I used a red blouse I got at Wal-Mart some time ago and a skirt also from there. I just added my silver flats that go with anything (seriously, even if my sister laughs every time she hears that, it’s true). My makeup was very neutral that day btw, I was not in the mood for heavy makeup.

On early Sunday (you can see from my face that I was suffering for the early), my hubby and I had breakfast at our grocery store. I just love going there because they prepare delicious home styled food at their kitchen; you can just buy and enjoy it there. I felt so tired that I just did a ballerina bun and simple makeup look that took me around 5 minutes. Some BB Cream, blush, 1 shadow, mascara and lipgloss.

As you can see below I just ate too much, my favorite thing was their flan I just love their flan, it’s so sweet and simple (this phrase remembered me of an Hindu guy I once trained..but that’s another story).

Then I just had to have my Pinterest time and found this cake

I fell in love with this cake it was so pretty, the greatest thing is that seeing it didn’t make me gain weight jajajajaja..

And on Monday at work it was amazing, my coworkers decorated my cubicle with balloons, and a nice banner, and we all have some delicious cake (again yes again). They also invited me for lunch on Thursday (‘cuz Monday was hectic).

Anyways, I did have a blast, everyone was very nice and I did enjoy the entire weekend. I also received presents I will be doing a haul soon, I just need to fit some time to tape it. So expect that.

And that was it, hope you all enjoyed and until next time,



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