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My Sample Opinion: Soap & Glory Hand Food

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Hi everyone, so today I have this review for all of you. This is related to the Soap & Glory Hand Food Lotion. I got the small travel size from Sephora because I had heard great reviews in the past about this product a while back and I decided to talk about my opinion on this one.

So the little bottle comes with 50 ml and it was $5.00 USD, kind of expensive for my taste (ok lots of expensive for the size). Soap & Glory says that this is the most astonishing hand cream ever, non-greasy hand cream with Shea butter macadamia oil and marshmallow. This softens, smooth’s and soothes dry, chapped and otherwise hampered hands.

When first applied the lotion this has this musky scent (a big no no for me), I like more sweet and flowery scents so this was a huge deal for me. If you don’t like musky scents I wouldn’t recommend it. I have smelled other soap & glory products on the past and have liked them so I don’t know why I didn’t like this. one.

Anyways, what I did like is that when I applied it, this got absorbed fast, and I could keep doing my things. I didn’t have to wait for the lotion to absorb or was left with a greasy residue; so big kudos for that, also my hands did feel smooth instantly. The soap we have at my work bathrooms it’s awful, so whenever I wash my hands I need to run to my desk and apply hand cream, this was really nice for that purpose.

As weeks went by, I didn’t feel that bad about the smell. I mean I still don’t like it, but I could use the lotion. And I noticed that still my hands felt soft and nice.

I mean in conclusion this product is not that bad at all, and if you like the smell perfect, package is cute as well. The only downside, and I do find this as a downside, is the price, I mean this product lasted my a bit longer than a month applying it several times a day. But I do see it as an expensive one. Now, I don’t see me repurchasing it again. But if scent and money is not a problem for you, you can give it a try.

Have any of you tried this product? What do you think about it?



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