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Hello hello, so the other day I was checking out Old Navy’s site, as I haven’t been there in ages, but I love some pieces they sell, especially over the summer. And I also love to search over their website to see what’s inn.

So I took some pieces from their site that I think are really cool for the summer. I think you could mix and match these outfits and create comfy and relaxed looks for hanging out with your friends or running some errands.

  1. Women’s Printed Ruffle-Trim Dresses ($26.00 USD)
  2. Women’s Sleeveless Utility Dresses ($29.94 USD)
  3. Women’s Straw Cloche Hats ($12.94 USD)
  4. Women’s Sheer Textured Scarves ($14.94 USD)
  5. Women’s Drawstring Bucket Bags ($24.94 USD)
  6. Women’s Beaded Slide Sandals ($24.94 USD)

*All pictures from Old Navy

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