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My Sample Opinion: Target Beauty for Every Body Bag

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Hey everyone, happy beginning of week to all of you!! After a long sabbatical (which lasted more less than a week) I am here today with a sample opinion that will be double this time, I know these are kind of different products but these came in my Target Beauty for Every Body free bag I received a couple of weeks ago. Plus, I think they are good summer products.

The first product will be the Garnier Color Shield Shampoo and Conditioner, this product is for color-treated hair and claims to protect color and nourish it for vibrant shine, the formula comes with acai berry antioxidant and grape seed oil that protects color and prevents dryness.

Now, this came in two sample size packages which lasted me 2 good uses which I think it was nice. The scent of this product is the typical fresh one that Garnier products are known for, so if you like that smell you will love this product. The product builds up very nice which gives you a nice wash (and I do have a lot of hair). It left my hair normal which is not bad. I had tried products in the past that left it greasy.

Now if I had to choose between this one and the Aveeno sample I tried a couple of weeks ago, I am sorry Garnier, but I would have to go with the Aveeno one, this would be because the Aveeno left my hair softer and frizz-less when I let it air dry which I did also with the Garnier one. For the color protection I am not sure because I think I need more than 2 uses to see if it’s true. But overall it’s an OK product.

The next product would be sunscreen Yeii and what would summer would be without this MUST.

So I received a small bottle of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch Sunblock, this is good I have tried this before and I liked it. So what I did was, I just threw it in my bag and have it for when I forget to apply sunscreen or will spend long hours outside. This travel size came very convenient.

Anyways, this product is good, now I have to say that I do not use this near my face, because I am oily and that thing breaks me badly, but for my arms I think is great, I actually had a full size that I finished not so long ago. I do think that Neutrogena products overall are real nice, and work well. Besides they are not that expensive. Would I purchase this again? Dang I would!!

So that is all for me today, I hope you enjoyed these reviews, and expect new posts soon!!

Until Next time,



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