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Nails, Shoes and Spinning…


Hey everyone, happy Monday! So here I am today starting a new week. So if you haven’t noticed by now I kind of suck for making cool designs in my nails, so yesterday I saw this cool idea about some ombre nails in lilac and purple… long story short it didn’t work..jeje so I ended up with this:

I used Essie’s Ballet Slippers as a base coat, then I used Revlon in Gum Drop and Gold Coin for the polka dots. I mean not that bad but meh.

Anyways in other news, today I used this nice ballet flats they are navy blue and are the best. They made me happy even though it was Monday. I got these on Target some time ago. Maybe you can get these still and I think I saw them on sale. Only one tip, I had to get them a size big because of the ruffles in the back.

Also, in other news, I’ve been hitting spinning classes like crazy for a month now, I’ve been loving it so much that I had to get a heart rate monitor to improve my workouts, so last weekend I got this Polar Heart Rate Monitor, AMAZING, it’s just so easy to use, if you are interested in a full review please let me know.

And last, I was just looking for something cute where I could storage my everyday jewelry, and found this, which is actually a soap plate. I love it.

And that’s it for now, until next time



2 thoughts on “Nails, Shoes and Spinning…

  1. I like your polka dot nails, a very cute choice of colour!

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