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Pranking your Significant Other

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So yesterday I saw this video over YouTube and I remembered some of the times my loved one has pranked me.

Ok in this video we can see that this guy really enjoys scaring his wife, and whenever he might get the chance he does it. I know is fun to prank someone at certain point, but I do know also that there are limits, I mean once I saw this video about a guy who filled his girlfriend’s hair dryer with flour, then when she turned it on all the flour went to her face. Then she got back at him in other video.

While searching more about them it seems that they have their own YouTube Channel and they prank each other. WOW! If my hubby did that to me he would be in so much trouble.

Anyways, all these made me remember a couple of times my hubby has scared me:

The first one was when we started dating, I told him that one of my fears was that someone hands would come from under the bed and would pull my legs (You know like in the horror movies). Anyways, weeks went by and one afternoon we were at his house. I had to go to the kitchen and when I got back to his room he was nowhere, I called his name and then he grabbed my ankles, he was obviously under the bed. I just screamed so much I was terrified. Later we laughed a lot but for that moment I got scared as hell.

Another one was last summer; I was on leave from work because I injured my foot, so I spent an entire month at home alone with our dog. I had to use a special splint if I wanted to walk, but I just couldn’t use it the entire day because it was like a boot and it was kind of heavy, so I used to take it off, we were watching some scary movies, and by the end of them I went to the kitchen without using the splint; when I came back my hubby was hidden and the lights were out, so I only heard a scary voice calling my name, I was definitely not prepared for that so I jumped and screamed. The bad thing was that I injured my foot even more because of that. But it was quite a prank.

Looking back I don’t think that those were that awful pranks I mean I didn’t end up thinking I would die in a crash with my family inside a van, neither I ended with my face covered in all-purpose flour. But still, I am waiting for my payback buajajaja..But I digress, has your significant other or someone else played a prank on you that made you want to get back?

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