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What should I Wear? Statement Jewelry to the Rescue

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Whenever I don’t know what to wear or just feel that my outfit options are boring for the office I have two words that come into my mind “Statement Jewelry”. That’s it girls and gals, these pieces fix everything, at least for me. I have some days when really I just don’t know what to wear and feel that my brain is about to explode.

So when I have to run, and when I mean run is that I have around 10 minutes to get ready, I go to my jewelry box and pick one of my statement pieces.

Vintage Ring. The one in the picture is real vintage; it belonged to my grandma and survived through 2 house thefts we suffered 2 years ago, before moving. I just love this piece because it is easy to match and gives a nice old glamour (or at least that’s what it makes me feel).

Statement Bracelet. I got this from Forever 21 a couple of years ago, I remembered it hurt me to pay $12.00 bucks for it, but the truth is that I have given so much use that I don’t regret it.

Statement Earrings. My cousin gave these to me last Christmas, I love them because they look so cute and adorable, and who doesn’t love owls. Whenever I use these I do a pony tail or a bun.

Statement Necklace. For this I have three to show you. The one in the left is also vintage heritage from my grandma, the one in the middle is from Rue21 I bought this like 3 years ago and nothing has happened to it, and I use this piece a lot. The last one is from Forever 21 I like it because I feel these colors are great for the summer.

Through the years I have learned the importance of having some statement pieces in your stash, because they really save you big time. Now, whenever I use these pieces I would normally go with a black or neutral outfit and I pick one of these pieces. I do not use them together or else, well let’s say that it would be just too much.

So tell me which are your favorite Statement Pieces?

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