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Things writing has taught me

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Today I sat at my desk and started thinking, how many years have I’ve been writing? I have a little bit more than a year since I started my blog here at WordPress, but I have been writing for more less than 14 years. Being aware of that number inside my head scared me a bit, I mean it’s been more than a decade since I’ve been writing on and off, but still going up.

Over this huge mass of time, I asked myself what writing has taught me so far. I mean, if it hadn’t teach me anything, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. And this came out:

I have learned to know myself better. True, I am a very quiet person; and I don’t usually express my feelings over board. But the truth is that writing through my younger years taught me to understand myself, to define what I like and what I don’t, what I agree into and in what I completely disagree. This has been a process of several years and it still amazes me, because I still discover parts of me that I just didn’t know.

When I write I just can’t lie. I remember on my younger years taking a writing class. My teacher was awesome and he loved writing. There was a point during our course that I was just blocked. I couldn’t write a thing and I had a talk to my teacher. He asked me why I thought I had this block; I said it was because I was afraid of what people would think or say if I didn’t write what they liked. He told me something I remember whenever I am starting a post. Remember that you write for yourself. Not everyone will like what you write all the time, but it is OK, is better that you feel satisfied and proud with your brand new piece of work, than ashamed for not agreeing with what you end up with.

Writing is about being constant. I didn’t understand that until a couple of months ago, how do you want to improve if you write something today and another thing in six months? Even if you write small things it is important to polish your skills

I can improve my style. Since I started writing I have gone through many styles, I’ve written true stories, experiences, reviews, tutorials, novels, short stories, essays and articles. And in each of them I think I have imprinted my own style; that style that makes you say “Oh she/he wrote this piece”. You develop this by practicing, as well as when you start and can only write a paragraph, if you keep going my friend those lines can end up in a novel. In my case I write way better than I did when I was in high school.

There are better writers out there. We all know this is true, but the thing here is to take things in a positive perspective, these writers will teach you a lot, and will help you to improve every single day.

I write to accomplish a goal. There’s always a goal, learn something, teach something, express something, be at freshly pressed (I’m just saying).

I can’t have blocks anymore. The truth is that now that I have my life full of other commitments I don’t have time to think about mental blocks, I guess it is because I have less time to write than the time I had while being a student. Now, I catch up on my blog whenever I have free time to do it, so I like to make the most of that spare time.

When you get subscribed in a blog community you meet people that share similar interests. What I love about having a blog is that I can be part of a community that even though may write about different things we all share something, which is the LOVE OF EXPRESSING WHAT’S IN OUR MINDS THRU WRITING. But what is awesome as well is that you can have your own community if you like certain topics. I think this is an invaluable experience for every writer.

And that is what writing has taught me. What has writing/blogging has taught you?


One thought on “Things writing has taught me

  1. That was another excellent post today. You make it look so easy. Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed reading it very much. Have a wonderful day!

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