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Mario Badescu Free Samples

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Hey everyone, happy Friday, I am just glad it is the end of the week because I just am so tired and I just want to relax this weekend and go to the movies yeii..But I have some exciting news to tell you. I didn’t want to say anything until I had the certainty…

Well a couple of weeks ago I was visiting Mario Badescu’s website, the truth is that since a long time ago I’ve been hearing very good things about their skin care line and I was really eager to try it out. But as I am in a friendly budget right not I could not purchase anything (sad I know =( ).

Anyways, I did a consultation where they ask you about the skin type you have and any problems you may have with acne, pimples, oiliness, etc. At the end of the consultation a list of the products that were for my skin type was displayed. (At least I would know what to get when I have money jeje)

But then, there was more, a couple of days passed and I received an e-mail from them with the list of the products recommended as well as a link were you could follow if you wanted to receive some samples of the products of your consultation. I WAS EXTATIC!!!

I mean this was a big plus, so I clicked the link and ordered my samples. And guess what I got them yesterday!! Yeiiii… it felt like Christmas in July (mhm August).

I got everything in a personalized Mario Badescu bubbly envelope, when I opened it, it came with a letter signed by the president of Mario Badescu, thanking me for filling their questionnaire and listing the products I received, I also got a pamphlet with Mario Badescu products (real nice) and 8 samples with instructions of how to use each of them.

Samples included were: Cleansing Gel, Cucumber Lotion, Eye Cream, Moisturizer, Soothing Mask, Face Scrub and Drying Cream.

As I could not hold any longer I started using them last night! Expect Sample Reviews Soon!! But one comment I used them in the morning as well and let me tell you that I haven’t seen oiliness appear on my face as I normally do at this time of day; which makes me happy.

I thought this was real nice from them, I mean not many brands give you the chance to try them out like this before purchasing their products. This might mean that they are real certain that their products work!

So I will suggest go to their website if you want to try them out!!

Until Next Time!!



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