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Back 2 School: Makeup Bag


Hey everyone, so today I have prepared another Back 2 School post. This will be related to Makeup (Cuz I can’t seem to get enough of it) and what would I suggest you should carry in your makeup bag. When you go to school you want to carry minimal stuff with you, but still essential items that can save you through the day.

My sister says that sometimes I react like the lady in this picture (any resemblance with reality it’s pure coincidence):

But I digress, so when thinking about a portable makeup bag to have with you this comes to my mind

  • Oil Absorbing Sheets. My face gets oily all the time, so in my case this is a must, I like to use the ones from Clean & Clear, but you can get any brand you like.

  • Lipstick / Gloss of the Day. Ok this is where I always fail, I use a lipstick and the next day I don’t get it out and add another one, which ends in a cluttered makeup bag by the end of each week. Try not to do this or you’ll end up carrying things you won’t use.

  • Powder Compact. This is a must in almost every makeup bag, because during the day you might want to touch up your makeup so this helps a lot. If this comes with a mirror excellent but if not:

  • Mirror. Haven’t you been to places where you can’t find a mirror available? I know I have.

  • Eyeliner. Black is a must in my makeup bag, I love the CoverGirl Liquiline blast, especially because it has a smudge sponge in the end and you can create a Smokey eye in seconds with this baby.

  • Tweezers. You never know when you will need these; you can even get a cheap pair at the dollar store as these are for emergencies.

  • Tissue Paper. Especially if it’s allergy season.

  • Cotton Swabs. They can fix makeup mistakes and are very portable

  • Small Anti-Bacterial Bottle. I get those from Bath & Body Works when they are on sale, I like them because they smell tasty good, plus they last a good time and you don’t want to fix your makeup with unclean hands

  • Cute Makeup Bag. Sure you need it to carry all your items, nowadays you don’t have to spend that much money to get one; they are some affordable-cute makeup bags I’ve seen at Target and Forever21.

And that’s it for me, I would like to know what’s an essential in your makeup bag?

Until Next Time,



2 thoughts on “Back 2 School: Makeup Bag

  1. LOL Totally stealing that meme picture!!
    Hautelook is having an AWESOME Urban Decay sale right in time for school (yay!) It starts tomorrow, I’m super stoked 😛

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