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My Workout Routine and the NAKED 2 Palette


So I have been keeping with my workout routine and me trying to eat “healthier”. My gym instructor says that working out is not enough; you need to keep an eye on what you put in your mouth. So yep I know she’s right, but I also know that for me is just hard to leave sweets and say NO to my cravings.

I’ve been trying to do things one step at a time, and even though I have not done my weekly advances here at the blog, I have to acknowledge that even though things have changed I STILL GET A HARD TIME HITTING THE GYM…That’s it I said it, I mean is not that I don’t like to go, but you know, I go to work from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm then my spinning class starts at 6:00 pm there are times when I get out of work and I just want to get home and chillax. And I know those are the times when I need to go even more, or else this will lead to drowsiness, and I will feel blegh next morning. Besides, my only problem is getting ready and going, once I am there I am all happy and energetic.

So in the effort of me going to the gym I need a motivator, I know what most of you may say, GIRL YOUR MOTIVATION SHOULD BE LOSING WEIGHT AND STAYING FIT …I know I know, but still I need something else, so talking to my hubby yesterday it hit me, he knows I desire the NAKED 2 palette since a long time ago (badly enough to swatch it and see it every time I go to a Sephora or Ulta), but he doesn’t think I need it because let’s be honest I have the NAKED 1 and he doesn’t understand why I want it, but I just do (All those colors ready for me to play with them and create new looks.. it would seem like I’m drooling).

Anyways, we came to an agreement, from now to December I will have to hit the gym 5 days a week (Monday thru Friday) and I can get the NAKED 2. I know is hard, but I also know this will help me go to the gym. There is only one exception to the rule, once a month I get out late from work; this is due to a process I handle. That day, I have immunity of not going, but I will have to exercise on Saturday (for me it’s a no no to work out over the weekends) to make up for that missing day.

Exciting right? I just did my calendar where I will be crossing the days that I go, one day missing and bye bye NAKED 2. So yep pretty excited about this…and that is it.. I just wanted to share it, and would like to know, really what motivates you working out or hitting the gym?


4 thoughts on “My Workout Routine and the NAKED 2 Palette

  1. I thinks its cool how you will buy yourself the naked 2 palette if you reach your goal. That’s something I would do! 😀

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