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Am I not posting today?


Hi everyone, so today I just wanted to talk about what rambles in my mind whenever I am being away taking a “break” and not blogging for a bit. Have you had these once in your life time?

Day 1-2

8:00 am Feeling happy because I am over at vacations/break enjoying some me time, away from the computer. Geesh I love free time!!

Day 3

10:00 am Remorseful feelings attack me because I haven’t written-posted anything in a couple of days, then an inner talk starts, “well I could really write a small post, nothing harmful for my days off”

10:15 am Think about a new post and start by doodling some intro that seems cheapy and leads me to other subjects that had to do with nothing related to a post. Then I get to think about a quote I once read about how people that are busy do not have time for writer’s block, man I wish I was busy. Also think about how great it would be to see one of my blogs at freshly pressed one day.

10:24 am Decide that is time to go for a snack maybe eating something will help my brain work and my ideas flow better.

10:30 am Discovered that a ham sandwich with avocado, tomatoes and chips was a bad idea; now I am feeling sleepy, and can only think about the board full of majestic desserts I saw over at pinterest; I wish I was born with cooking skills *deep sigh*

11:28 am Woke up from a long nap derived of the fact that my brain was not able to cooperate.

12:00 pm Decide to take a shower, water gives life right, maybe I will feel refreshed and ready to write.

1:00 pm to 5:30 pm Goes in catching up with friends at facebook, watching funny things in YouTube and other things that I cannot recall, but one thing for sure it was not writing.

6:00 pm Hit the gym maybe exercise will help.

7:00 pm Arrived from working out, my brain is working but my body is drained, mm maybe I should rest.

And that is what goes in a day of not posting.

Am I a posting freak? Or is this normal for writers?


2 thoughts on “Am I not posting today?

  1. Totally normal for me but then against I’m not really normal so perhaps you should be worried.

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