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This Fall I’m Joining the Navy!

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Yep, it has been decided, my color for this season will be navy. I just can’t seem to get enough of it. I really like navy pieces because I think I can mix and match them with different colors like fuchsia, gold, silver, magenta, and it also looks quite polished and elegant paired with black.

In the pictures below I have some of my favorite navy items. I really love these pieces because I can use them with anything I have.

My Navy Collection

Cute Navy Scart with White and Pink Birds from Old Navy

Mossimmo Navy Shoes from Target

Maybelline Color Show Polish in Sapphire Siren

Navy Earrings from Local Boutique

Loreal Hip Eyeshadow duo in Showy

Mary Kay Single Eyeshadow in Peacock

Navy Jacket from Papaya

I was also inspired and decided to make a small search for navy stuff. These could be considered my wish list for this fall:

I would really like to know, which your favorite color is for this season!!

Until Next Time!


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