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Look of the Day: My Sock Bun


Hey everybody! Second post this day, man my fingers are burning jaja. But anyways I just wanted to share with you my look of the day. Yesterday I decided I would try the sock bun, yep that’s right, this is a look that’s THE BOMB these days. At first I was unsure of trying it out because I don’t have the longest hair and also my hair is layered.

Most of the tutorials that I’ve seen involve girls who have amazingly long locks and honestly they don’t seem to have short layers. But I said what the heck!!! I might as well give it a try. For this look I just cut the end of a small sock I had (the shortest your hair the smallest the sock), and twisted it like a doughnut. Then I just grabbed my hair in a ponytail and twisted the sock with my hair. I did have several layers coming out but ended up fixing it with tons of bobby pins and spray.

This was the finished result:

Also, today I was wearing a very nice colorful scarf so I had to keep my makeup light, I just did a simple Smokey eye with a Maybelline quad I have and used gel liner for blush I added a bit of NARS orgasm.

Until Next Time,



5 thoughts on “Look of the Day: My Sock Bun

  1. You look so nice! I can’t wait until my hair is long enough for a bun again…

  2. I’m so glad it works with shorter hair too! It looks so polish and pretty on you!

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