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My Fav 5 Beauty Products Under $5.00


Hi everyone, happy Thursday, this week is running fast.. Anyways yesterday I was catching up on the blogs I follow and again I found a post from MajorMakeupMadness123 that I loved.. her 5 favorite beauty products under 5 Euros (check her post here, it’s awesome. So this is my adaptation to $5.00 Dollars.

So these are my favs:

  1. Dry Shampoo. I think this is one of the greatest discoveries, really this thing is amazing. I have long hair and the water at my city is not the best for keeping my hair in good condition (I heard California’s water is amazing) Anyways, while I’m still here, I can only wash my hair two to three times a week, so this product is a savior. I recently discovered the one from Suave this thing is THE BOMB. Price is only $2.50 and smells great. Works excellent at getting rid of all the undesired oiliness.

  2. Gel Eyeliner. This is my precious from the brand Love & Beauty from Forever 21. I cannot talk enough of this product. This cost me $1.50 and it beats down the ones I’ve tried from Maybelline, Loreal, and Physicians Formula. I use the one in black (which seems the only one they handle) it’s creamy, matte and lasts on me all day (with primer of course).

  3. Wet n Wild Trios and Single Shadows. I remember long ago when I got a shadow from Wet n Wild and said no more. But they have changed (Really!!) these shadows are great, pigmented, blending is easy, and have a wide variety of them. My favorites are Silent Treatment and Walking on Eggshells. I also have some singles that are amazing.

  4. Maybelline Color Tattoo’s. Ok I guess these are a little more than 5 bucks, but I have to agree with MajorMakeupMadness123, these are great, again pigmented and allow you to enhance the color of your shadows like “SHASAM” you can wear these alone as well if you wish.

  5. Essence Nail Polish. This is an awesome little bottle at only $1.00 dollar, their colors are amazing (Or at least the ones my Ulta carries) and I have found great dupes like the Nude it for my Essie Saint Tropez polish. I don’t think I need to say even more.

I would love to know which are your favorite products less than $5.00

Until Next Time,



4 thoughts on “My Fav 5 Beauty Products Under $5.00

  1. Wow thanks for the mension. I loved the *SHASAM* and your favourites are really cool. Its great that you love the color tattoo’s too! xx 🙂


  2. Oh thats a shame. Its upsetting because here in the UK there are only 7 shades, and there are never any collections (as of now). if there is i will definately buy them! x

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