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My Week so Far… Sephora Dreaming

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Hey everyone, so I’ve been very very busy these past couple of days and in some way even though it’s been hectic, I know I have a lot of due stuff to do still. But anyways, I decided to take a little break and check out my favorite sites for a new wish list. I know that most of the times I won’t have the chance ($$) to get these things, but they inspire me for new posts and remind me to shop my stash jeje..

Anyways, I was checking out Sephora, let me tell you a secret, when it comes to shopping at Sephora I’ll always go for the value sets. Unless I already know what I am shopping which is normally something I tried previously, I won’t go and buy the entire thing. Why? Well because I don’t want to put all my nickels into a product I’m not sure it will work on me.

So this is what I found:

Bare Minerals Get Started Kit $68.00 USD. I’ve always wanted to try Bare Minerals, my cousin is a big fan of this brand, once she started using these products 5 years ago she hasn’t let go. She just loves them.

OCC Nylon Lip Tar $16.00 USD. Ok this is definitely not a value set but it seems to be something new that Sephora is carrying. I’ve been dying to try this for so long, love the bubble gum pink. I think it’s quite expensive for the size (0.33 Oz) but it seems that a little goes a long way.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Flawless Face Kit $65.00 USD. I’ve been wanting to try this for so long, I’ve heard great reviews of this product specially for Oily Skin (ding ding my type), it comes with the primer, foundation, and concealer, I just want this very very badly.

Benefit How to Look the Best at Everything $30.00 USD. Benefit, Benfit, my brand with whom I share a love and hate relationship with. I mean sometimes I just love their products (the porefessional) and others I just realize that we are really not meant to be together (Eye Bright). Love their packaging no doubt of that. And I am a sucker for nice packages. I would buy this because it has a porefessional in it, and because I want to try their new foundation and the powder. I don’t think that their concealer would work on me because Erase Paste was a huge failure for me and I don’t know how Boi-ing would treat me.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Body Care Nourish & Protect Set $25.00. Ok even if I tried I know I cannot pronounce this brand, I’ve been wanting for some time now to try their products, this would be a good chance.

And that’s it for me today, hope you enjoyed.

I would love to know which is your wish list for this month!

Until Next Time,

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