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NOD: Navy Sealed with a Kiss

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Hey everybody, happy hump day, days are running fast for me. But, I didn’t want to miss this post, showing you my nail of the day, I used this kit I had waiting for some time.

These are from the Ulta brand; I love these colors because if you haven’t noticed yet, I am completely obsessed with Navy. These are mini sized, but I think that is good because there is no way I am finishing a bottle of polish before it becomes all gewy and tacky.

The colors are Star Board (Navy), Sailor Boy (Opaque Red), Reel Nauti (Golden Champagne Color), and Love Letters (Light Blue)

You can see in my nails that I have Star Board, Reel Nauti and Sailor Boy.

I just loved this color combination. What is awesome as well is that these colors will be wearable this fall and winter. Just one thing whenever I use Ulta polishes a top coat is a must or else my nails will chip fast fast, so just consider that if you are purchasing those babies.

I would love to know which your colors are for this fall.

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