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Do I smell Coconut? Body Butter Review

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Hey everyone, so today I am real excited to show this small review with you, this is related to the Coconut Body Butter from The Body Shop. I’ll be honest we don’t have a Body Shop where I live but, our Sephora does carry some of their products. I am a fan of coconut scented lotions because I fell they are yummy nummy.

So I got a small size of this one and has lasted me a long time, the texture of this butter is very rich and moisturizing. I like using it in my elbows and my heels before going to sleep every night. This is real coconut scent, I tell you this, because in the past I have bought lotions that claim to smell like coconut but they just don’t; so this is the real deal.

Would I repurchase it? I think I would definitely do, but I would do it for the winter because it’s when my heels and elbows need more moisturizer. If you have very very dry skin I would recommend you giving it a try, I purchased the smallest size in order to try it out, maybe you can do the same to see if you like it.

Has anyone tried any other products from the Body Shop? I would like to know which is your favorite one.



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