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Brandy Melville: Jewelry on a Budget


Hey everybody, so yesterday I saw a haul from one of the girls I follow at YouTube and she was showing some cool things she got from Brandy Melville, being honest before this video I’ve never heard of this store, but she got real cool things, so I thought of making a wish list to show you some of the things I liked.

I thought that this brand would be expensive but for Jewelry, they are NOT EXPENSIVE AT ALL, one thought only is that they have free shipping on orders of $50.00 bucks or more, I would choose that because the truth is that the shipping for me was around $12.00 bucks (OUCH!).

Something else, I was checking their clothing and I dunno, they were not really my style, but for the jewelry and accessories I was totally in…

This is what I liked:

  1. Wishbone Bracelet $6.00
  2. Silver Bow Ring $3.00 (Size 6)
  3. Burnt Orange Beaded Skull Bracelet $8.00
  4. Chain Bracelet with Gold Cross $6.00
  5. Blue and Silver Beaded Bracelet $7.00
  6. Black Stone Ring $6.00 (Size 6)
  7. Blue Beaded Gold Skull Bracelet $8.00
  8. Turquoise Skulls and Gold Beads Bracelet $6.00
  9. Navy Studded Wristlet $18.00

Check out Brandy Melville’s site here for more accessories.

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3 thoughts on “Brandy Melville: Jewelry on a Budget

  1. great blog post love! and great choices 🙂 I’m currently on the verge of starting my own fashion jewelry online store too, check it out if you have time, I’m gonna launch it in January next year! 🙂 But for now, stay tuned on the facebook page 🙂

    Love, Roseanne

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