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A Lovely Award


Hey everybody, I am thrilled, today I discovered that I was nominated by the lovely Kachet from The Lipstick Giraffe for the Lovely Blog Award, I am so excited, thank you for thinking of me, I really enjoy having this blog, writing and sharing is a blast for me.

So for this nomination I have to tell you 7 random things about myself so here it goes:

  1. I have to paint my nails because I bite them, it is a nasty habit that I have since a child and I have not been able to overcome it, unless I paint my nails 😀
  2. Italian is my favorite food, so much that I learned how to cook lasagna myself. Nummy Nummy.
  3. My dream trip is going to Paris, there’s something magical about that place.
  4. I have two younger sisters, and I am the only one obsessed with makeup and beauty. But my mom loves beauty, she is a cosmetologist.
  5. I get allergies exactly one week before fall or spring starts every year, that’s when I know to start getting ready for the new station.
  6. I speak fluent Spanish; I speak Spanish and English at work every single day.
  7. My favorite colors are navy blue and purple.

And now the fun part where I nominate other bloggers which I am an avid follower of, check them out they have real nice posts!!

Le Zoe Musings
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A Thunder Heart

Until Next Time,

xoxo ^_^


2 thoughts on “A Lovely Award

  1. Thank you for nominating me. Much love xx

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